New Hamburg Gin

"Luv" and "Lee", is the German sailors' words for the side facing the wind and turned away from a ship. It is also the name of the new gin coming out of from Hamburg.

Luv & Lee Hanseatic Dry Gin is not only typical north German in name, but also in flavour. The ten different botanicals of the 43% ABV gin include star anise Aquavit, Sylt sea salt crystals, lemon peel and lemongrass, as well as the usual juniper and coriander.

Developed by Christian Heck, who had worked as a manager at Pernod Ricard for more than 25 years, he worked in close co-operation with Hamburg spirits manufacturer Heinr. from Have. who are also responsible for German Gin, Cucumis, and Just Fine Gin, as well as Rotspon aus Hamburg wine, Mackmyra whisky, Falernum rum, and Ursus Arctos vodka amongst others.

Served in many of Hamburg's bars, It is best enjoyed with a fresh sea breeze and served North German-uncomplicated: pure, on ice or with a light, mild tonic.

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