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Best Bars Europe is the brainchild of the team behind Manchester's biggest bar and restaurant guides, ManchesterBars.com and ManchesterRestaurants.com

Lucky enough to live across Europe, in cities like Zurich, Vienna, BerlinKrakow, Warsaw, CopenhagenGothenburg and Zermatt, as well as judging cocktail competitions across the Continent, we grew frustrated that most bar guides focused solely on cocktail bars or the city's busiest, most fashionable venues.

What we wanted to create was a website that listed the ultimate bars you should visit when in town. Sticking with the mantra "if we blindfold you, fly you to a city, dump you in a bar and then take off your blindfold, you know immediately which city you are in."

Most people tend to visit a city for little more than a weekend, so our lists focus on the unique places that you'll remember forever, which often means those generic hotel bars, even if they are serving the best drinks in town, might be lower down our list.

Of course, it's all down to personal taste and expectations so we encourage feedback on the ordering of each of our lists, and are always looking for tips of new bars and changes.


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