Polish Vodka Museum to Open

The Muzeum Polskiej Wodki is set to open in Spring 2018 at the Koneser building, a huge landmark development in the centre of Warsaw at the former Luksusowa and Wyborowa vodka factory.

The museum will be created in the iconic distillery building, and is being part funded by the European Union (which is ironic given the ruling Law & Justice Party's disdain of the EU).

The main theme of the exhibition will be presenting the 600-year history of vodka production in Polish lands, and the local manufacturing traditions, combining historical artefacts from the site with multimedia and interactive presentation.

Visitors are likely to be most interested in the vodka tasting sessions, however, where they will be taught how to recognise the specific flavours of Polish vodka.

The concept for creation of the museum was the initiative of the Pernod Ricard Group, which has implemented similar ventures in other countries, including The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh and the Jan Becher Becherovka Museum in the Czech Republic.

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