New Far Reaches Gin

Another day... another gin...

The latest new company to hit the market is London's Far Reaches Gin.

The citrus-focused London Dry style gin is made with botanicals from five different continents, to a recipe  inspired by the globe-trotting and sailing adventures of  husband and wife founders Andrew and Emma Whiting.

Many of the ideas for its 13 botanicals (many of which had never been used in a drink, let alone a gin before), came from chance encounters on their travels - sampling the most amazing quandong marmalade on Australia's Great Ocean Road, picking juniper berries in the hills of Tuscany or searching for the juiciest kumquats in Vietnam.

The small-batch gin is made in a 500-litre pot still in London, using a quadruple-distilled  premium English grain spirit base, with 13 botanicals, including Kumquat from Asia, Sarsaparilla from South America, Quandong from Australia, Juniper from Macedonia and Italy, and Grains of Paradise from Africa .

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