Aberdeen's UWA Tequila has released two super premium 100% Blue Weber agave small batch craft tequilas. 

Made and bottled in Tequila, Mexico, their super premium Platinum Blanco, gently flavoured by the surrounding mango, orange and lemon trees on the estate, hits the market in November.

It's their seven-month aged Speyside Whisky Cask Reposado which should attract most interest though. Aged in Mexico in Speyside whisky casks, it boasts a sweet honey and vanilla taste with an earthiness from the lowland agave. The subtle oaky finish from the whisky cask and a balance of sweet caramel notes produces a smooth buttery texture.

A triple distilled 14 month Speyside Whisky Cask aged Añejo tequila is set to be released in early 2018.

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