New Canadian Whisky

The Orphan Barrel Distilling Company, a nonexistent entity with a hand bottling factory in Tullahoma, Tennessee, was set up by Diageo in 2014 to market some of the "forgotten" oldest and rarest North American whiskeys in its collection - usually sat hiding in warehouses still aging.

Their latest release, Entrapment, is a new "forgotten" Canadian whisky.

Originally due to be included in a blend of Crown Royal Deluxe, it was distilled in 1992, and has spent the last 25 years maturing at the Gimli, Manitoba distillery.

A 97% corn mash, the whisky has aromas of vanilla, toffee and toasted oak. It tastes creamy with hints of tobacco and walnut, with notes of dried fruits like plums and raisins.

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Fans of Orphan Barrel who missed out on their past releases, should try and get their hands on the stunning limited edition Orphan Barrel Archive Collection, released this week, which contains full size bottles of out-of-production Barterhouse, Old Blowhard, Lost Prophet, Rhetoric 21 y.o., Forged Oak, and Whoop & Holler. Sadly, it's only released in the U.S. (for $1,500), so you may have to pull some favours from your long lost penpal.

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