Limited Edition Cristal Champagne

Louis Roederer has revealed their ultra rare limited edition Cristal Vinothèque vintage Champagne, born in the five secret cellars, hidden below the Rue de Savoye in Reims.

Aged for around ten years sur lattes and another ten years sur bouchon. These 400 bottles of Cristal Vinothèque 1995 and 200 bottles of Cristal Vinothèque Rose now comprise the first vintage of the Cristal Vinothèque collection and will be released to only a few countries globally.

With a lower dosage of 7g/l, compared to 9g/l for Cristal 2009, the current vintage, the nose reveals notes of mango, cocoa beans, white chocolate and smokey cinders, alongside deeper aromas of malt and black truffle. The palate is velvety and ethereal, retaining a powdery, chalky texture and an elegant, long and refined freshness. 

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