World's First Edible Cocktails(?)

Ryan Clift's Tippling Club restaurant in Singapore has launched what it claims to be the world’s first edible cocktail menu.

The "cocktails", devised by the Michelin Star chef and the former Savoy London and Liar's Club Manchester maestro Joe Schofield, are served as twelve gummy bears in a candy bag.

Each bear mirrors the taste of a specific cocktail on the bar's new menu, where the cocktails bring together the best of the inventive bar and kitchen, by using cutting-edge culinary techniques and edible garnishes, including a passionfruit 'acid' tab that fizzes on the tongue, an angostura-soaked paper and a cherry sorbet lipstick.

Whilst it can be argued that "edible cocktails" are not exactly new, there's no denying this concept is a first.